Stellar Bodysuit Style

March 19, 2015

To our surprise, when we created this brand we realized a large portion of the world has no idea what a bodysuit is exactly. Once we defined the overall concept of the suit we were often hit with, "Oh yeah, I used to wear those when I was little!" Now I love a good childhood memory as much as the next, but what we’re doing here is just a tad different than pamper layering and tutus. 

To sum it up, when bodysuits are well-crafted they become the staple piece that your whole outfit is centered around. The possibilities with these heaven-sent onesies are endless; but you will most likely see them paired under blazers, pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

Without a doubt, the best part about the bodysuit is that we can officially say goodbye to the pseudo-muffin top that traditional shirts "gift" us every time we try to layer a look. Whoo-hoo! Gone are the days of unwanted lines and unkempt-looking tucks. Hello to Miss dressed!

I could type all day about styling details, but in a generation that is obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat it is evident we love any and all things visual! With that being said, feast your eyes on some stellar ways to style our Basal Bodysuits to fit your personal taste. 


<3 Team Basal.












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