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Top 5 bodysuit blunders, you no longer have to fear.

February 24, 2016

Basal was created as a passion project, to fill a void in the bodysuit game. Our aim is to provide everything we love about bodysuits as well as correct some fitting details we constantly noticed in the marketplace. Because of our intense attention to detail, we are confident that they will become your go-to piece. To explain in greater detail why we believe Basal reinvents bodysuit culture, I will explain the top 5 modifications that we included in our design process:

Peeping Thong

Yes, I’m talking to you, thong slip! Your constant F.O.M.O (Fear of missing out) is beyond annoying, and no one invited you to the party. Nothing is more unflattering than your entire bodysuit thong peeking out from your pants as you navigate through your day. Because we, like you, have fallen victim to this many times ourselves, we knew that this was going to be one of our biggest adjustments. Every Basal bodysuit will feature a lowered hip, to ensure that even in lower cut bottoms your bodysuit will stay perfectly put.


Crossing the line

It’s 2016, people. With all of the advances in undergarments there is no excuse for the dreaded panty line. Although most of us have figured out our solutions for this with the traditional shirt and pants, when it comes to bodysuits we don’t always have options. Full bottom bodysuits have their own purpose when layered with something more sheer, but the majority of the time they’re styled to be under something solid. Because of this, I can’t tell you how many times we have found ourselves shoving the extra fabric into the center as a solution to the unwanted lines. Besides the fact that this is extremely uncomfortable, we believe it shouldn’t have to be this complicated. Each Basal bodysuit will provide you with a seamless thong finish to stay flat and smooth even under the thinnest of bottom garments.

Over Exposed

There is nothing sexier than a hint of cleavage or a little side boob, especially with the warmer weather approaching. However, we've all seen the ill-fitted bodysuits that expose more than the fair share when the proper amount of attention isn’t paid to the design of the garment—especially when the design calls for a deep side plunge. The result can be downright unflattering. Basal offers the edgy styles you love while still providing the right amount of coverage so you can feel strong, sexy, and refined. When it’s tailored right, all eyes will be on you!

Tone Rangers

No, we will not be providing harmonized chorus lines at the dinner table like Jennifer Aniston and John Michael Higgins did in "The Breakup". However, what we do bring to the table is unlimited access to the pantone chart. Creating this line from scratch gave us access to textile suppliers from around the globe. This provides Basal with the ability to stay up to date on all seasons of color trends. From rich nudes to cool greys and everything in between, we promise to provide our Basal beauties with the rare colors you long for but can rarely find. 

Tip Top Textile

During our research and development, the highest priority on our list was to source the best fabric options the market had to offer. We went to numerous trade shows and experimented with countless textile mills, and what we brought back to the table provides the best of the best. Each suit from out first collection will showcase beautiful milliskin in a matte finish, and it will hug you in all the ways you have desired.

We have put our heart & souls into this collection and hope that it resonates with you the same way it does for us. Remember that " Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

<3 Team Basal.


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